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The Morning Cup, A 21-Day Devotional for the 21st Century Believer Autographed Copy


"The Morning Cup." A 21-Day Prayer Devotion for the 21st Century Believer is a transformative devotional designed to help you kickstart your day with connection, purpose, and intentionality toward God.

Each prayer will transport you into a curated cry of the heart that is not always riddled with deep mysteries, but that can be practical and pragmatic. Sometimes it is not knowing what to say that keeps us away from true relationship with God. But do you know that God is listening for your heart? For your truth? For your vulnerability? These prayers are designed to help you align your supplication with your season.

Each prayer target is curated specifically for the modern believer, understanding that this day and time brings an array of complexities and crisis. Whether you're seeking clarity, strength, or simply a deeper relationship with your faith, 'The Morning Cup' offers a guiding hand.

Embrace each morning with intention as you cultivate a habit of prayer and reflection. Let this 21-day journey be the starting point for a more spiritually fulfilling life. Get ready to awaken your soul, renew your mind, and start each day with the perfect sip from 'The Morning Cup.'

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